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Take a breath

29 June 2021

A collaborative project has enabled Year 7 pupils, plus members of our School Choir, to work together creatively on the important issue of air pollution.

Our Year 7 pupils have been working with external organisations to raise awareness of air pollution. Not only has their hard work been turned into lyrics for a podcast as part of London Climate Action Week, it has also become a song that our School Choir will now perform. 

This initiative began in Year 7 PSHCE lessons earlier this year, when our pupils first worked with Studio 2909, a creative not-for-profit organisation. Studio 2909 designs programmes for secondary schools to nurture imaginative thinking and develop skills around topics connected to social justice, health and the environment. Studio 2909’s In Search of Aether project saw our Year 7 pupils creating lyrics and songs about our right to breathe and our right to clean air.

Following this project with Studio 2909, a small group of our Year 7 pupils were selected by their PSHCE teacher, Ms Hutton, to take part in a further workshop. This saw our young people develop and record the lyrics that they first wrote in those PSHCE lessons. Our pupils can be heard on the London Sustainable Schools Podcast (episode 20), in partnership with London Climate Action Week. A number of our pupils are also featured in the accompanying brochure (see page 7). 

Ms Hutton said: “The work by our pupils speaks loudly to the ignorant, and makes us all sit up and listen. With oppressive systems continuously stealing the life and breathe of marginalised groups and the earth, and COVID-19 further revealing abhorrent disparities, these pieces speak truth to our world today. The voices of this generation must be heard to inform the next, and our talented pupils are exemplary of this.

“In addition, the lyrics that our Year 7 pupils produced have been turned into a song by our Music Department. This will be sung by our brilliant School Choir, and we hope to share a performance of this soon.”

Running from 26 June - 4 July, London Climate Action Week 2021 is bringing together world-leading climate professionals and communities, across London, and beyond to find practical solutions to climate change. Now it its second year, LCAW is the largest independent climate change event in Europe.

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