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Fate, Fulham and France

17 June 2021

With UEFA Euro 2020 underway, we’re highlighting some of our own Westminster City School football stars and starting with Fate, who is signed with Fulham FC.

Year 9 pupil, Fate, was first spotted by scouts while playing for a Sunday league team at only six years old! He was then contacted by a number of top London clubs, including West Ham, Chelsea and Crystal Palace, before joining Tottenham Hotspur where he trained for the next four years.

Around two years ago, Fate joined Fulham FC (see picture, below). Founded in 1879, Fulham is London’s oldest professional football club and has spent 27 seasons in English football's top division.

Fate now undertakes a rigorous training schedule with Fulham. He explains: “I train every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after school. We do football and gym work then, so I’m there for around two and a half hours each time. Sunday is then match day. At present, we play a friendly game, each week, against a different team.

“I fit my homework around my training schedule. My friends at Westminster City School are really supportive of my football commitments and understand that I can’t see them on a training day., I am most likely to meet up with friends on a Saturday, although I don’t stay out too late as I have a match the next day!”

Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, Fate is hoping to go on a football tour to Portugal this summer. He has enjoyed previous tours at various European locations, including France, Italy, Belgium and the Czech Republic. 

When asked who will win UEFA Euro 2020, Fate predicted France.

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