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A day in the life

27 May 2021

What is it like being Westminster City School's Headteacher? Year 9 pupil, Joel, has been finding out. Read on to see what Joel learnt.

We all know Mr Broughton as our School’s Headteacher, our religious studies teacher and our break time monitor. Now, thanks to 30 minutes and a few questions, we know so much more.

Mr Broughton grew up in Guildford, a town in Surrey. He read Theology and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and even studied in Canada! After that, he worked in a number of schools prior to Westminster City School, including St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School in South London, Bishop Justus Church of England School in Bromley, another school in Leeds, and in Japan. He joined Westminster City School as our Headteacher in 2018 and the rest is history.

Joel: How do you start your day when you enter school?
Mr Broughton: I have a coffee and a pastry just before 7am. I then do lesson preparation and a few early meetings before school starts.

Joel: Why did you want to work at Westminster City School?
Mr Broughton: I mostly worked in schools in outer London, but I really enjoyed working in inner London and I wanted to work at Westminster City School because it is historic and has a long history but at the same time is a modern institution.

Joel: What is your best memory, so far, at Westminster City School?
Mr Broughton: It was the second Celebration of Achievement Evening that I attended at Westminster Abbey. I really liked the music and the positive vibe while everyone was celebrating their successes. 

Me: What have you been most proud of since joining Westminster City School as our Headteacher?
Mr Broughton: The improvement of our A Level and GCSE results. Also, our university admissions. Out of Year 13, it used to be 60% of our students that went to university and now it is 100%.

Joel: What is something about yourself that no-one else knows?
Mr Broughton: I was actually on TV. I appeared on Noel’s Christmas Presents which was a show in the ‘90s, hosted by Noel Edmonds.

Thanks to Joel and Mr Broughton for this interview. Joel will be conducting more interviews with members of our School’s Leadership group next term.

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