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Hit the books

21 May 2021

From non-fiction to classic texts, and from science fiction to historical fiction, our new Westminster City School Tutor Reading Programme is set to inspire and enthuse all our young people.

Reading has always been a key part of life at Westminster City School, with class time regularly given to our youngest pupils for reading and over 200 books checked out from our library each week. Our Westminster City School Tutor Reading Programme is set to expand this love of literature, as well as increase the vocabulary and comprehension of our young people by exposing them to books that they may not have read before.

Ms Armatage, from our English Department, explains: “We can't wait to launch the Westminster City School Tutor Reading Programme across our School and Sixth Form after half-term."

“Books can be fun and imaginative, while improving reading skills is important in allowing young people to access the full curriculum, as well as helping improve communication and language skills vital for success in school and in later life.”

Our Westminster City School Tutor Reading Programme will see form tutors read aloud to their forms twice a week, picking an age-appropriate book from a chosen list. Our young people will each be given their own copy of the book, so they can follow along with the reading during their form time. Once the text is complete, the form tutor will be able to select another book from our reading canon to read to the form group.

Starting after the May half-term, and set to continue into the next academic year, a range of exciting and challenging books have been chosen for this new initiative. At present, texts include classics like The Diary of Anne Frank, The Great Gatsby and Rebecca, modern works with The Dark Lady by Akala and Never Let Me Go by Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro, and non-fiction texts such as David Olusoga’s Black and British: A Short Essential History, I am Malala by Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai, and Robert Webb’s How Not To Be A Boy

Suggestions are welcome, from across our School community, for further texts to add to our Westminster City School Tutor Reading Programme’s canon. Please email your ideas to Ms Armatage.

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