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Bright and brilliant

18 May 2021

Young people at Westminster City School have been honoured for their success and achievement as part of an award-winning extra-curricular programme.

This academic year has seen members of both Year 8 and Year 12 take part in The Brilliant Club, which prepares and encourages young people to apply to top universities in the future. Our Year 12 students have undertaken a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project through The Brilliant Club, while some of our Year 8 pupils have enjoyed further study in history, looking at the French revolution.

During Lent term 2021, our Year 12 students worked with a PhD tutor from The Brilliant Club on the topic: 'The Most Important Picture of Your Life? Diagnosing Heart Disease Before Birth'. All carried out the final assignment and achieved the following grades:

  • Karan S 2.1
  • Tala A 2.2
  • Cenk G 2.2
  • Fatih G 2.2
  • Michael O 2.2
  • McGeorge U 2.2
  • Ashvin T 2.2
  • Mohammed P 2.2

During Michaelmas term 2020, our Year 8 pupils learnt more about why there was a French revolution, with the support of their PhD tutor. Taking part were Tetteh MA, Antoine S, Andi P, Kavitharen V, Thomas M, Saeed RC, Jonathon K, Fareed S, Ademola A, Elias C and Antoine S. From this group, the following pupils submitted their final essay and were awarded excellent grades:

  • Jonathan K 2.2 
  • Thomas M 2.2 
  • Kavitharen V 1
  • Saeed RC 2.2
  • Tetteh MA 1

Congratulations to all at Westminster City School who took part.

A UK-wide charity, The Brilliant Club, enables young people at non-selective state schools to experience university-style learning, helping them develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to secure a place at a highly-selective university in the future. Participants take part in placements, with university-style tutoring by doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, and complete a final assignment that is marked and moderated using university grades.

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