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Everybody needs good neighbours

13 May 2021

A fantastic new suite of support, that includes free laptops for all and two generous university bursaries, will be offered to Year 12 students joining Westminster City School’s Sixth Form this autumn.

Polar Capital, an investment company based just a few doors from our Palace Street site, are launching this new initiative at our Sixth Form in September 2021, with support set to continue for the next few years. It means all in our new Year 12 will be gifted a new laptop and a further one to two students will be awarded a Polar Capital Aspire Scheme (PCAS) bursary, worth over £20,000 per year, for each year of their future university study in the UK.

Applications for the first PCAS bursaries will be open to all in Year 12 who plan to start a three-year university degree, in the UK, in autumn 2023. Each PCAS bursary will cover full university tuition fees and provide a monthly stipend of up to £1,000 for living expenses. Although Polar Capital is based within the financial industry, applications for PCAS bursaries will be welcomed from students who may not thinking of future employment in finance, as well as from students who are. 

Our successful PCAS bursary students will also be linked to two mentors at Polar Capital, who will meet with their student periodically, throughout their time at university. Mentors will provide further support and guidance on study and careers planning, including assistance in applying for work within a financial organisation (such as Polar Capital), if of interest to the student.

Further benefits for our successful PCAS bursary students include the travel costs to attend their first choice university open day, plus opportunities to join events at Polar Capital (like the company’s annual summer party) where they can network with other staff. If it is of interest to the student, there will also be a chance to enjoy a summer internship at Polar Capital and, upon graduation, the possibility to undertake a traineeship at the investment company. 

In addition, once they join Westminster City School’s Sixth Form in September 2021, every Year 12 student will be gifted with a laptop from Polar Capital. These laptops can be used for academic work during their two years in our Sixth Form and beyond, whether they go onto further study or into employment.

Peter Broughton, Headteacher at Westminster City School, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to receive such generous support from Polar Capital for our new Year 12. The gift of a laptop for each student will help with their A Level studies, while the PCAS bursaries will support future university ambitions, particularly when costs associated with university study can seem daunting.

“Polar Capital were very generous in their support of Westminster City School during the 2021 lockdown, providing over £70,000 to a fund that ensured all our young people had a laptop and internet access to support remote learning. We are really excited to be working with Polar Capital once again, on this new and exciting initiative that will help our incoming Year 12, and future students to our Sixth Form, on their academic journey.”

Gavin Rochussen, CEO at Polar Capital, said: “Polar Capital are delighted to be partnering with Westminster City School to launch the inaugural Polar Capital Aspire Scheme (PCAS) which supports WCS students throughout their time at university. We firmly believe in the power of education and are excited to be able to provide these opportunities for the younger members of our local community. Our aim with PCAS is to open doors to the industry and encourage more young adults to consider careers in our field. In turn, if PCAS is able to foster interest in and provide students with insight into financial services, that would be an added positive outcome from establishing this bursary scheme.”

Founded in 2001, Polar Capital is a UK-based, client-focused, fund management business. Today, the company has 16 investment teams, with assets under management of £20.9bn (as of March 2021) that is invested on clients’ behalf in securities across the globe. 

Polar Capital appreciates they are entrusted with other people’s hard-earned money and, by investing in these securities, they provide essential capital to businesses to produce their own goods and services. Among many areas, this includes investing in mainstream technology and healthcare companies, including some of those involved in COVID-19 vaccine development.

Furthermore, Polar Capital places great emphasis on providing and maintaining an entrepreneurial, collegiate and transparent environment for their employees. The company believes this is an increasingly important factor in the attraction and retention of talented people. Equally, through projects such as this, they aim to create a more positive impact in the local community.

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