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Latin learning

7 May 2021

Young people at Westminster City School are being urged to carpe diem - or seize the day - by joining our School’s Latin Club!

Running from 8.30am-9.15am on a Wednesday, our Latin Club is currently open to those in Years 8 to 11. However membership is now being extended to Year 7 pupils, giving even more young people a chance to learn this fascinating subject, which is well-respected by universities and employers, and can support understanding of other subjects.

Ms Walsh, from our English Department, explains: “Latin is a fantastic preparation for learning the Romance languages and helps with English study, as the increased vocabulary and understanding of grammar mean students of Latin typically score the highest on tests of English vocabulary! 

“In addition, Latin provides a preparation for important professions (such as roles in law, medicine and science) that are steeped in Latin or English words derived from Latin. It also enables you to more fully understand and appreciate the history of the Roman Empire, and enjoy some of the world’s most influential works of literature in their original language.”

As well as being taught by a classicist, who studied at the University of Cambridge, our School’s Latin Club members may be able to take GCSE Latin in the future. For more information and to join our Latin Club, please contact Ms Walsh.

Pictured, above, are some of our current Latin Club members, learning their Latin.


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