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Stock market stars

29 April 2021

A group of Year 10 pupils have excelled in an online stock market trading game, successfully beating off competition from young people at over 100 other schools and colleges to be placed in first and second place.

Our young traders experienced the excitement of dealing on a live stock market trading floor as part of the Stock Market Challenge, arranged by Queen’s College London and supported by Erskine Hill Investments. Pupils accessed a live stock market platform where they traded stocks and shares, competing against 120 schools and colleges, with prizes awarded to those who best performed their trades. 

Congratulations to Eugene and David, who came first in one game, and to Bobby and Freddie, who came second. Congratulations must also go to Nico and Chika, who came second in another game.

Alongside their trading on a stock market platform, our pupils attended online talks from professionals from within the financial industry, including the Founder/CEO of Divento Financials Ltd, an employee from Aerius Associates (who provide placement and advisory services globally) and a degree-level apprentice at the Bank of England. These talks were interactive, ensuring plenty of opportunities to ask questions about future careers in finance.

Mr Taufik, our Faculty Leader for Economics, said: “Well done to all our participants from Westminster City School, who were absolutely brilliant at taking part in this exciting competition.”


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