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Relationship advice

27 April 2021

Young people at Westminster City School have been following a carousel of lessons looking at important topics connected to healthy relationships and sex education.

As part of our Personal Social Health Citizenship Education (PSHCE) curriculum, Years 8, 9, 10 and 12 undertook a day of lessons and workshops that covered subjects like consent, contraception and online safety on Monday. These topics were chosen for our School’s PSHCE Day based on national guidance and with the knowledge that many young people might be thinking about, or participating in, related issues.

Ms Tilsley, from our Religious Studies Department, explains: “At Westminster City School, we strive to provide quality relationship and sex education. Research has shown that young people who have received a good education in these topics are more likely to make better decisions in their own future relationships. 

“Research has also shown that many young people are unaware of the consequences of misusing social media and other online communication in their personal relationships with others. Educating our young people on these topics will help them develop and manage their personal wellbeing and happiness.”

While Years 8, 9 and 10 undertook sessions with their usual subject teachers, Year 12 followed a bespoke timetable that also included topics such as identifying sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and the advantages of delayed parenthood.

Ms McConville is pictured, above, talking to Year 9 pupils about the importance of online safety.

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