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Our successful speaker

8 July 2021

Amru has been at Westminster City School since Year 10 and is completing A Levels in Sociology, History, and Politics. He lives in Westminster. 

“At the end of Year 10, I moved from an international school in Ethiopia to London, where I joined Westminster City School. I had been studying IGCSEs, so I then had to move to GCSEs, meaning our School’s staff and facilities were the main reason I successfully passed my qualifications. During this time, I saw how amazing our Sixth Form was, so it was an easy decision for me to stay here for my A Levels.

“Outside of lessons, I am a member of our Debate Club. This has been a fantastic opportunity for me, as I have developed my public speaking and leadership skills, along with my teamwork and research methods. This interaction with others has also helped to boost my self-confidence.

“I would tell a prospective student that Westminster City School’s Sixth Form provides a fantastic environment for study, with a strong support system, small class sizes, and great teachers. It will give you an amazing opportunity to succeed with your A Levels.”

Our current Year 12 joined Westminster City School’s Sixth Form at an unprecedented time in modern history. We have been so inspired by the attitude and behaviour of our sixth formers during the global pandemic and have been featuring many of them on our website, talking about their amazing experience within our Sixth Form.

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