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Our brilliant biochemist

5 July 2021

Vishnupriya plans to read biochemistry at King’s College London. She joined our Sixth Form from Plashet School and is completing A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Sociology. Vishnupriya lives in Newham.

“I applied to King’s College London since the university is well-known for amazing teaching and research. I’m planning to study biochemistry because I’ve always had a love for science. Chemistry and biology are my favourite subjects and I love how certain topics overlap within each of them. King’s College London also has excellent student support and I want to stay in London for my studies. After my undergraduate degree, I hope to do a PhD.

“During my two years within Westminster City School’s Sixth Form, staff have offered extra-curricular activities related to the subjects and the career that I hope to pursue, as well as helping me when I have been confused or stressed.

“I would tell anyone joining Westminster City School’s Sixth Form to take part in extra-curricular activities that are available, especially those related to your subjects. Remember to take all the opportunities that you are given and to make sure that you ask for help if you need it.”

A Russell Group university, King’s College London was ranked in the top seven UK universities in all the six major academic rankings of global universities in 2021. Notable alumni and academics include contributors to the discovery of DNA structure, Hepatitis C and the Higgs boson, pioneers of in-vitro fertilisation, stem cell/mammal cloning and the modern hospice movement, and key researchers advancing radar, radio, television and mobile phones. Alumni also include heads of states, governments and intergovernmental organisations; 19 members of the current House of Commons and 17 members of the current House of Lords; the recipients of three Oscars, three Grammys and one Emmy, and fourteen Nobel Prize laureates.

Over 90% of our Year 13 have applied to start university in autumn 2021, receiving offers across a range of courses and institutions, both in and out of London. We have been so inspired by the hard work of our sixth formers during this unprecedented time in modern history and have been featuring many of them on our website, talking about their exciting journey towards university.

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