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Our powerful public speaker

10 June 2021

Randolph has been at Westminster City School since Year 7 and is completing A Levels in Sociology, History, and Politics. He lives in Southwark. 

“I chose Westminster City School's Sixth Form because it has a great reputation and I picked my three A Level subjects because I was, and continue to be, intrigued by them. While I've always loved history, I chose A Level Politics because I wanted to find out more about how our country runs, and A Level Sociology because I wanted to know how society has changed over the years, what causes it to change, and why it continues to evolve the way it does. 

“Every Wednesday I attend our Sixth Form Debate Club, which I find enthralling. I love how we can share each other's opinions about certain things in everyday life and, when we disagree with what our peers have to say, we can express our reasons why. To me that's really important because, as human beings, we have to be able to communicate with each other. 

“I would recommend Westminster City School's Sixth Form to prospective students because it has outstanding results and alumni who have gone on to do great things. I am aspiring to join the best universities in the country, and I know our Sixth Form will help me achieve that.”

Our current Year 12 joined Westminster City School’s Sixth Form at an unprecedented time in modern history. We have been so inspired by the attitude and behaviour of our sixth formers during the global pandemic and, over the coming weeks, will feature many of them talking about their amazing experience within our Sixth Form.

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