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Our committed criminologist

19 April 2021

Eliakim plans to read criminology at the University of Birmingham. He has been at Westminster City School since Year 7 and is completing A Levels in Maths, Physics, and Philosophy and Ethics. Eliakim lives in Southwark. 

“Before joining Westminster City School’s Sixth Form, I was convinced I wanted to be an engineer. However, once in our Sixth Form, I was introduced to so many different opportunities, with speakers coming in, plus events and seminars to attend. The central London location of our Sixth Form not only ensures it is easy and safe for you to access, it also enables you to interact with the many different businesses and organisations nearby. All of these opportunities gave me a chance to see the many different options available to me and helped me fall in love with a new subject.

“I’ve made applications to universities that I feel have the best resources for my chosen degree - criminology. The University of Birmingham specialises in social studies and has the professors, resources and experiences for me to get the most out of my course, like a year abroad placement, as well as broaden my understanding of the subject.

“Since I will be studying outside London, I feel a bit nervous about moving away but if we never step outside our comfort zone, we never achieve anything meaningful. I think living away from London, while at university, will help me.”

A Russell Group university, Birmingham was ranked twelfth in the UK by Times Higher Education in 2021. Academics and alumni of the university include former British Prime Ministers Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin, plus recent ministers of state like Ann Widdecombe and Anna Soubry, the British composer Sir Edward Elgar, and eleven Nobel laureates.

The majority of our Year 13 have applied to start university in autumn 2021, receiving offers across a range of courses and institutions, both in and out of London. We have been so inspired by the hard work of our sixth formers during this unprecedented time in modern history and, over the coming weeks, will feature many of them talking about their exciting journey towards university.

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