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Our political prefect

25 March 2021

Ethan has been at Westminster City School since Year 7 and is completing A Levels in Sociology, History, and Politics. He lives in Southwark. 

“I chose to stay at Westminster City School for my A Levels as I wanted a smaller sixth form environment and our Sixth Form’s size has certainly helped me feel very included and engaged with my learning, as well as connected with our wider School community. I also wanted to remain at Westminster City School because of our prominent location in central London and the number of opportunities offered as a result!

“I picked my A Levels because I’ve always had a keen interest in global affairs and in history. I’m really enjoying the flexibility of A Level studies and how applicable everything I learn in the classroom is to everything that goes on in the world. It's fantastic to study a subject like politics and relate material learnt from the lesson to the news.

“I would tell prospective student to consider Westminster City School’s Sixth Form as it offers a vast range of opportunities and experiences. I am now part of our School's prefect team, which I have found to be a very engaging experience. Support offered by teachers has been instrumental throughout my GCSE studies and it continues to be during my A Level studies.”  

Our current Year 12 joined Westminster City School’s Sixth Form at an unprecedented time in modern history. We have been so inspired by the attitude and behaviour of our sixth formers during the global pandemic and, over the coming weeks, will feature many of them talking about their amazing experience within our Sixth Form.

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