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Magnificent masterclasses

16 March 2021

Our Westminster City School Online Masterclasses for Years 5 and 6 are being much praised by participants! And there is still time to sign up for our forthcoming events, running on Saturdays in March.

Launching at the start of the month, our fun, free and age-appropriate masterclasses have looked at music and at science. Attendance via Zoom has been excellent, with around 30 joining our Music Composition event on Zoom and over 40 at last Saturday’s Science Masterclass on Zoom. When asked for feedback, all responding parents/carers said that events were good and that their children were fully engaged during the one-hour time of each masterclass.

Our first masterclass saw children work with Mr Cecile, from our Music Department, to produce a full-length song from scratch, using their own creative ideas. Mr Cecile explained: “Our participants learnt the basics of the latest Logic Pro X music creation software that our Year 7 pupils use when they arrive at the beginning of the academic year. I then distributed the final track as an audio file to parent/carers, meaning the children had something to take away from the session and be proud of!”

After our Music Composition masterclass, one Year 6 parent/carer said: “It was a good snippet into what secondary school opportunities there are for September” and another added: "The teacher came across well and kept my son’s attention for the whole time. He enjoyed it!"

Last Saturday’s masterclass saw Mr Link, our Subject Leader, Science, showcase the fun involved in practical science, as he made ice-cream without the use of a freezer, melted jelly and created bath bombs. This was the first of two science masterclasses that our School is offering, with our forthcoming 27 March masterclass, led by Dr Bowen, examining what enzymes are and how they work.

Our Westminster City School Online Masterclasses continue this month, with next Saturday’s session asking children to become geography detectives. While our teacher, Ms Milner, doesn’t want to give the mystery away, she promises it will be a fun session for children interested in the world around us… 

We are also offering a Maths Masterclass on Saturday 27 March that aims to refresh KS2 knowledge by looking at number topics such as integers (positive and negative), fractions and percentages, and challenge children to stretch themselves with some KS3 maths!

For more information and to sign up for our forthcoming masterclasses, please visit our webpage.

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