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Wherefore art Year 7?

5 March 2021

A horrible disease has led to the closure of London’s theatres and the quarantining of citizens. Yet it is not 2021 but 1595, as the UK’s most famous playwright creates one of his most famous plays!

Westminster City School’s Year 7 pupils have been studying that very play - Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare during the 1595 plague. There are some eerie similarities between that Tudor time and the present day, as the 1595 plague changed daily life for London’s citizens. 

However there are also some big differences, as Ms Affram, from our English Department, explains: “Shakespearean language is incredibly complex, so we have introduced our Year 7 pupils to the skills of annotation - the practice of noting comments, explanations, translations and identifying key methods. This, in turn, supports our young people in the construction of ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ paragraphs, where they analyse the writer's craft more closely. Annotation skills are very important across the English curriculum and beyond, into other subjects.”

Before the half-term holiday, Year 7 were set the challenge of sending in a photograph of their best annotation. To Ms Affram’s delight, she received droves of entries, which all demonstrated the diligence and focus required to grapple with the work of William Shakespeare.

The following pupils were awarded a Distinction for their annotations:
From Mr McManus - Emmanuel A, Elson L, Chiedozie U, Obinna C and Irfan I
From Mr Douglas - Zion A, Denzel E, Aanil L, Temujin A and Endriu K
From Miss Virk - Kayan M
From Miss Walsh - Omar E
From Mr Myge - Mohammed A, Adyan U, Davin N, Edward L and Raene O

The overall annotation champion, in this closely fought contest, was Obinna C. So congratulations to all Year 7 and a particular well done to Obinna!

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