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Lockdown. The sequel.

2 February 2021

Year 9 pupil, Barney, wrote an article for our School website about remote learning during the UK’s first lockdown. He has now written a sequel on life during our current lockdown:

When I wrote about the first lockdown, for Westminster City School’s website, in late April, I did not know that, almost a year later, I would be in the same situation. The way I used to live seems like a distant memory and, while I’ve had some normality going to school during Michaelmas term, it has only just dawned on me how much our lives will be different, even when there are no COVID-19 cases internationally.

I think I wouldn’t be alone in saying that this lockdown is tougher than the last one, as we enter our eleventh month with COVID-19 prevalent in our society. While the development of cheap technology helps us be connected to all, you can still feel lonely at home almost 24/7. However we always need to have hope, one of the most important things, and we hope that the vaccines prove effective. 

One positive is our more interactive version of remote learning, with live form lessons and soon-to-be live lessons. I much prefer remote learning in this lockdown. I feel I have a direction in which I am travelling and I have an end goal.

The optimism of the vaccine also means that we can truly look forward to going back to normal. The fact that I haven’t seen my extended family at Easter or Christmas or hugged anyone outside my household for over a year are the little things we have all grown to appreciate, now they’ve been taken away.

This lockdown has been tough for all of us and has really made everyone learn how to appreciate the little things that we never knew were so important. Once this is over, I’m sure we can all be proud of our efforts and our resilience through such a tough time.

This article was written by current Year 9 pupil, Barney. He is pictured, above, undertaking remote learning. We would like to thank Barney for taking the time to write about how he has been finding remote learning and life under lockdown.


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