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1 February 2021

Are you missing our lovely library? Don’t worry, our LRC Manager has a number of tips for our young people to help everyone keep reading during the current lockdown.

Westminster City School library remains a popular part of our School, with over 200 books borrowed a week. And, even though most of us are not at Palace Street right now, we can still make use of our library and other resources online.

Mr Chapman says: “Current pupils and students can access our School’s library catalogue through their RM Unify homepage, by clicking on the My Library tile. Here, you can search for books, read reviews and watch videos in ‘Author’s Corner.’ To log-in, our young people must put in their user name and their password (date of birth).”

In addition, many local libraries have brilliant online resources, especially Ebooks and audiobooks, as Mr Chapman, explains: “Many local libraries have very new books, so I recommend going to the website of your local library and becoming a member. For example, if you live in the borough of Southwark search ‘Southwark Library’ or go to: Here you can  create an account, then start borrowing Ebooks and audiobooks!

“You may need to ask a parent/carer for help with this but it is worth doing – local library can have so many great books!”

In addition, Mr Chapman has found a number of app where you can download graphic novels, comics and more to read on your phone. These include ComicRack (for Android, iOS, Windows),  Perfect Viewer (for Android), Simple Comic (for Mac), Manga Rock (for iOS, Android), Comixology (for iOS, Android, Windows) and WebToon (for Android).

Mr Chapman added: “A lot of the comics on these apps are uploaded by the artists themselves, so some will be better than others! If you are unsure if a comic is suitable for you, please ask someone at home to look at it first.”

Happy reading everyone!

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