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Imagination run creative

15 January 2021

Year 7 have been putting their imagination to the test, to produce some powerful poetry for a national competition. 

Our Key Stage 3 pupils have entered The Young Writers 'Imagine' Competition, as part of their recent PSHCE creative assessment. This competition invites 11 to 18 year-olds, from across the UK, to enter their thought-provoking pieces of poetry, starting with the prompt 'imagine'. Our pupils were asked to reflect on their PSHCE topics of anti-bullying, peer pressure, anti-racism, and black excellence, to highlight their great learning and discussions from last term.

Westminster City School teacher, Ms Hutton, explains: “Our young people have worked really hard, showing great skill, thoughtfulness and creativity with their poetry. We are yet to hear the outcome of the competition but I congratulate all involved! From acrostic poems, to couplets and free verse, with a great range of language devices and imagery - every piece of work shone in its own way. Below are just a few of the many moving poems, which clearly showcase the talent and learning involved.” 

A bystander's guilt 
by Markus John, 7W

Observed a situation that sent shivers down my spine, 
Wishing now that I could turn back the hands of time, 
I saw a boy being threatened and thrown a punch, 
I should not have walked past and continued to lunch. 
The horrid guilty feeling ate me up all of the day, 
Not sure how to help but I must find a way. 
The next day I see the same thing happening at break, 
Only a second of thinking and a decision I make. 
Off I rush to the school office down the hall, 
I tell a teacher of the boy being pinned against the wall. 
This evokes changes for bullied hurt lad, 
So now our school is holding lessons on how bullying is bad. 
Talking up I might have taken my time to tell, 
But the guilty feeling has left, so all is now well. 

by Ezana, 7W

Why?? Why do you take the chance to bring others in? 
Why do you think it has never been a sin? 

It doesn't take bullying to let out your past. 
Take it out of your mind, let it flow - but not so fast. 
No need for rushing 
just take your time.

Taking the mick out of someone with disabilities. 
Gives them so much more vulnerability.

Saying these slurs won't make melanin disappear. 

Making fun of someone for their identity. 
It makes their self-love go down to its knees.

Have you noticed that people are trying. 
Chaining themselves to rails just for their rights. 

People are starting to lose themselves just because of you- 
This world is green hell. 
Why???? Was it you... 

Just Imagine 
by Jamal, 7D

Imagine if everybody could live in perfect harmony  
Imagine if everybody could live, peacefully 

The only way we can achieve that one goal 
Is if everyone is thought of as equals 
But nobody is willing to compromise 
That’s why it’s near impossible  

Imagine if I was the Prime Minister  
Imagine if I could change the world  
There might be tasks or goals that seem impossible 
but if you try hard enough you can complete them all

But… first you must use your imagination so you know what you want to be   
Being able to use your imagination is a skill in itself you see
And if you can take that imagination
and turn it into reality... 
Well, you are extraordinary. 

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