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Computing champs

11 January 2021

Once again Westminster City School has seen success in the UK Bebras Problem-Solving Challenge, organised by the University of Oxford. 

Despite the challenges of 2020, most Key Stage 3 and GCSE pupils, plus many A Level students, took part in this annual competition that tests logical thinking. Competitors have to complete a sequence of short puzzles online. They must complete as many of these Bebras tasks as possible in the time allowed.

Well done to Bobby (10H), Dagim (9D), Joseph (7H) and Tejas (9P) who were placed in the top 10% nationally and have now received an invitation to further develop their skills at the University of Oxford’s Computing Challenge in February.

Congratulations must also be extended to our School’s other top performers: Ja-Marri (7S), Luke (10H), Antonio (8W), Christopher (11K), Qais (11P), David (11H) and George (7H).

Commenting on these great results, Mr Myron, who organised this year’s participation said, “Understanding how to approach and solve difficult problems is a life-skill that all of our young people will need. I’m glad to see so many Westminster City School pupils scoring so highly!”

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