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Classrooms to care homes

15 December 2020

All Key Stage 3 pupils at Westminster City School have been helping bring seasonal joy to care homes this December.

With Christmas celebrations looking a little different this year, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, our pupils have been writing letters to care home residents and their staff, sharing a range of delightful and thoughtful stories, drawings, poems and jokes about the festive season. 

Ms Armatage, from our English Department, explains: “This year, with lockdown and fears about the pandemic, has been hard for everyone, but care home residents and care home workers have been particularly isolated. By taking part in this fantastic new project, our pupils have helped ease some of that loneliness, while further developing their literacy skills.

“Christmas is a time for thinking of others so, by taking the time to write a letter, our pupils have considered the happiness of those in care homes and helped spread some joy at the end of a difficult year.”

Year 7 pupil, Andy, is pictured above writing his letter. He even included a festive joke, which is:
Q. Why didn’t the reindeer cross the road?
A. Because they could fly!

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