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End-of-term excitement

16 December 2020

As Westminster City School nears the Christmas holidays, Joel, in Year 9, has been looking back on the pupil experience of Michaelmas term 2020:

It would be an understatement to say that the past few months have been eventful, not only for the world but also for pupils here at Westminster City School! From one of our own performing on the small screen to various career workshops, our pupils have had experiences that help them (and me!) feel more like nothing has changed drastically at the place we love. 

We’ve had an Anti-Bullying Week, where we educated others about the effects of bullying, which included an Odd Socks Day for Year 7. We’ve also had pupils take part in virtual clubs. There has been a Virtual Film Club hosted by the London Film School and a Virtual Latin Club with a Cambridge University specialist. And we recorded our online Carol Service earlier this month, which will premiere on the last day of term!

Of course, there has been some differences as well. Many of us do not see our friends across our year group as much as before. We’re not allowed to leave each of our year group ‘zones’ (a school building). This may be hard, but knowing that our School is putting our enjoyment, education, and safety first is a relief.

Next term, I personally am looking forward to more opportunities. Westminster City School has given me, and other young people, more prospects than I could ever imagine when I walked through the school gates two years ago. I am excited to see what’s to come after Christmas. Hopefully, the world will share the optimism that we do about the situation around us.

To sum it all up, like everywhere, we have had our challenges this Michaelmas term, but we have also have had our fair share of togetherness as a Westminster City School community. And I have a hunch that this will continue for a very long time. 

Thank you to Joel, pictured above as he prepared to record a reading for our online Carol Service, for taking the time to write about Michaelmas term 2020.

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