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Under the microscope

15 December 2020

Our Year 7 pupils have been making good use of our super science labs during the second half of our Michaelmas term. 

For the latter part of this term, our Year 7 cohort have been based in our Hinshelwood building, with access to our School’s fantastic science equipment and facilities. Being able to get some hands-on experience means that our youngest pupils have been learning more about light microscopes in the run up to Christmas. 

Miss Davies, Head of Year 7 and a science teacher, explains: “Our Year 7 pupils have learnt how to set their microscopes up correctly, how to prepare their own specimen slides safely, and how to make detailed and accurate cell drawings. In addition, pupils have been given pre-prepared slides to examine, so have been looking at human cartilage, bone, and cardiac muscles, as well as at several plant slides.   

“I’m so pleased with how our Year 7 pupils have engaged with their studies. This half term has seen them develop important skills, increase their understanding of the process of scientific investigation and further develop their understanding of scientific concepts.” 

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