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14 December 2020

Work by one Year 7 pupil, looking at Sengalese footballer Demba Ba, is be published in a book by Chelsea Football Club Foundation. 

Earlier this term, as part of Black History Month, our Year 7 pupils joined a virtual session with the Chelsea Football Club Foundation, as part of Chelsea’s exciting new programme ‘Who We Are’. Reaching out to more than 80 schools across the UK, this initiative celebrated Chelsea’s men and women’s first-team players of black origin, to help promote positive role models and to inspire young people.  

As part of this programme, Westminster City School pupils were asked to create a one-page profile on Demba Ba, who played for Chelsea during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons. His profile had to include facts, a short matchday report and a photo of the best moment from his life. 

Our Year 7 submitted a large number of entries, with Corey, in 7S, being awarded first place. This means his piece will be published alongside winning entries from all schools in a new book, Who We Are. This book will be displayed in the club museum and may also form part of an art instillation at the stadium supported by the club historian. 

Congratulations to Corey and all the Westminster City School pupils involved, including Hussain in 7W who came second and Daniel in 7K who came third. Work by many other Year 7 pupils was praised, with Merits for Samson, Omar, Hassem, Ebenezer and Andy, and Distinctions awarded to Mohamed, Zion, Papa and Adam. 

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