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Sweet support

3 December 2020

Year 12 have been practising mindfulness breathing exercises, whilst eating chocolate, to help them feel calm during moments of stress.  

However, before questions are raised about healthy diets, these activities have taken place during form time, as our Sixth Form tutors work with students to build understanding of stress and anxiety. These different mindfulness tasks can help our sixth formers to improve their concentration, ability to focus and academic performance, as well as supporting their mental wellbeing. 

Ms Sobogun, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, explains: “The chocolate square relaxation technique sees students given a small piece of chocolate. While undertaking breathing exercise, students are asked to smell, gaze and nibble at the chocolate. They had to take their time to notice everything about it, such as texture, smell and flavour. Then, whilst eating the chocolate, students had to remain completely absorbed in what they were experiencing, still continuing with their deep breathing and concentrating on the sensations in their mouth. Once they finished savouring the chocolate, they were encouraged to remember and revisit that feeling during the day, to help them feel relaxed once again.” 
Ms Sobogun added: “Even without the ongoing challenges caused by the global pandemic, A Level studies can be stressful for all young people, as they balance their studies and plan for their future. Within Westminster City School’s Sixth Form, we are always keen to support our students and this focus on wellbeing has provided many useful techniques (plus a little bit of chocolate!) to our Year 12, as they continue with their work and start their university applications.” 

All young people at Westminster City School are reminded to speak to a member of staff if they feel overwhelmed. Our staff are able to provide support and can also direct pupils/students towards other expert organisations who are available to help. 

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