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Pull your odd socks up!

16 November 2020

Yellow and white, yellow and black, yellow and blue – Year 7 pupils are sporting an eclectic collection of odd socks today.

Before anyone starts to question this change to Westminster City School uniform, it is all in a good cause and all for one day only. Our Year 7 pupils are taking part in Odd Socks Day on Monday 19 November, as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

To celebrate that we are all unique, Odd Socks Day asks pupils from across the UK to wear odd socks to school, sending an important message that everyone should be allowed to be themselves, free from bullying. 

Miss Davies, Head of Year 7, explains: “At Westminster City School, we believe all have a right to learn in a supportive, caring, and safe environment without the fear of being bullied. We promote good behaviour and it is made clear that bullying is a form of anti-social behaviour which is wrong and will not be tolerated. 

“Taking part in Odd Socks Day helps raise further awareness of Anti-Bullying Week, whilst enabling our pupils to celebrate this important initiative in a fun and positive way.”

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