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Good sports

1 October 2020

Sport continues to be a big part of life at Westminster City School, although the teaching of PE has been quite different this Michaelmas term.

With our School open, following lockdown and months of remote learning, pupils are enjoying getting back into sport. Pupils now walk from our School’s Palace St site to nearby Green Park for their weekly PE lesson, with the fresh air, positive conversations and healthy walk beneficial for all. Once they arrive at Green Park, each PE lesson consists of a high intensity fitness session, long distance running and football. 

Mr Huxley, Director of Sport, said: “I am delighted to report that the pupils’ behaviour and conduct travelling to and from the park has been excellent. They have walked very sensibly and adhered to social distancing guidelines. 

“Similarly, their application whilst at Green Park, has been exceptional. In normal circumstances we would be teaching table tennis, basketball and handball during this term and so the way that pupils have engaged with new sports, that are not necessarily to their normal expectations or personal choice, has been admirable. The element of maturity and team work here has not gone unnoticed by the PE staff, as we work hard to provide a secure sporting curriculum."

Westminster City School’s PE curriculum is designed to inspire pupils to develop competence and confidence in different sporting activities, thus supporting their health and fitness.

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