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A new normal

28 September 2020

Year 9 pupil, Joel, talks about his experience of returning to Westminster City School in autumn 2020, following the months of lockdown and remote learning:

September was the light at the end of a tunnel for Westminster City School. After five months of lockdown, pupils and students started flooding through our School gates, day by day, from the start of the month. 

With a dangerous pandemic sweeping the globe, some parents (especially those of Year 7 pupils) were worried about sending their child to school. The mother of one Year 7 explained, “I was at first hesitant about sending my child because the pandemic is still here, but I eventually gave in. I worried for the whole day until my son came home and talked to me about all the safety procedures our School had put in place, so I was very relieved and happy.

Even my mother was, at first, afraid of sending me back to school and, to be honest, I was too. I was scared that all my friends were going to have changed somehow over the five months and moved on without me or that I was going to get ill and give it to my mother. Then I went back to Westminster City School and we have to use hand sanitiser wherever we go, my year group/bubble has a whole part of the building to themselves, we have to wear masks when walking through corridors and downstairs, and it turns out my friends are the same as always! After my first day was done, I was excited for the next school day.

There are a lot of other differences this Michaelmas term 2020. We eat in a giant marquee in the middle of the playground, we are only allowed in one half of our School’s Dacre Building, and we stay in the same classroom most of the day.

Yet there are also things that are the same! We still have the same tutor groups and most of us have the same form tutor. We still have the same amount of time for break and lunch.

Overall, the first month of school has demonstrated our togetherness as a community. Even with all the differences at Westminster City School right now, we still find a way to be strong together.

This article was written by current Year 9 pupil, Joel (pictured). We would like to thank Joel for taking the time to write about how he has found returning to school this autumn.

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