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Moving words

9 July 2020

Westminster City School pupils have been trying out their poetic writing during lockdown.

Year 9 pupil, Philemon, wrote the poem (below) as part of his free writing English task.

Ms Keir, from our English Department, was impressed with how he conveyed the chaotic experience of moving, yet concluded with an uplifting message on creating your own path in life and working to achieve your goals.

Moving on to a different place,
Many adventures do await,
I knew when it was time to move on,
But never shall I forget where I was from,
From the downpouring rain,
To the years of pain,
From the highest of highs,
To the lowest of days.

Such a rollercoaster of a time,
But I sought my own path,
I made my own way,
Saw the light through the dark,
How I made it here,
Deserves joy and cheers,
From the birds that sing,
To the whistling wind.

The days have gone by,
Living such a good life,
It’s like I’m in heaven,
But still I strive,
I thank God oh yes,
For I feel like I’m blessed,
From that foul old air,
To air that smells so fresh.

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