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Poignant poetry

1 July 2020

Westminster City School pupils have been working on their poetic writing during lockdown.

Year 9 pupil, Shami, wrote the poem (below) as part of his free writing English task. Both Ms Keir and Mr Douglas, from our English Department, were hugely impressed at his use of imagery and theme.

April with her floral apron on
Singing her haunting birdsong

Buds bursting with points
Of colour like Seurat’s spotty

Flesh while we wait behind glass
With widening eyes

The bright light on the empty street
The lack of footfall, the empty hands

The aching heart, its feral beat
Salt gargle and cold wet bleach

The empty hall, the loud T.V.
Dreams, butterflies balancing on a bloom

Voices on the radio are company
When you have your own room

The ancient fear of death
Slipping through the letter box

Clinging to your dress
The modern day plague

Has come to town
Because we were greedy with our own

Plundered the soil, polluted the air
Used up resources with a devil-may-care

But the earth is so forgiving
Summer is still here


We were selfish. Ignorant. Ignoring the mass of the pandemic. 
Look at where it brought us. Prison…

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