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26 June 2020

Over 80% of Year 10, alongside high numbers of Year 12, have returned to Palace Street as Westminster City School re-opens to these year groups.

Since Monday 15 June, our School site has been open to Years 10 and 12, whilst continuing to offer high-quality remote learning to all other years as the UK remains under lockdown. A number of health and safety measure are in place to help protect all pupils, students and staff while in school.

In accordance with UK Government guidelines, only a quarter of Year 10 and a quarter of Year 12 are allowed on our Palace Street site each day, along with vulnerable pupils and children of key workers. Social distancing is maintained by keeping class sizes small and using different buildings, to ensure year groups do not mix whilst in school. Temperature checks take place on all staff, pupils and students as they enter our site. Sanitisation stations have also been placed around our School, along with clear signage marking our new one-way systems and 2 metre distancing. 

Deputy Headteacher, Ms Lockyer, has been helping with the return to school for our Year 10 pupils. She said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have so many of our Year 10 back at Palace Street. These high numbers demonstrate the importance and value that our pupils place on the educational opportunities available at Westminster City School. It has been a pleasure to see so many of our Year 10 pupils, in real life, once again.”

Remote learning remains in place for all other year groups, and for Years 10 and 12 when not physically in school. Welfare checks also continue, along with many other aspects of our school day that have moved online during lockdown, such as extra-curricular activities and collective worship.

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