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In tune with lockdown

8 June 2020

Lockdown has not prevented Westminster City School pupils from creating a superb and socially distant performance of Maroon 5’s song, Sunday Morning.

Their fantastic version can be viewed at:

Music remains at the heart of our School, with a large number of our young people undertaking individual instrument lessons and performing regularly, whether in our School assemblies or in a School concert. This creativity and enthusiasm has not been dampened during lockdown, with music education and instrument lessons moving online at this difficult time.

All of this means that, alongside their remote learning, and by making use of online technology, a talented group from our Music Department have produced their own rendition of Sunday Morning during lockdown.

Mr Valles, from our Music Department, explains: “Despite being away from each other, and from our School, our pupils were keen to continue working together. To this aim, each pupil was sent the music for their part of the song, Sunday Morning. They were then taught how to play this by their individual instrument teachers, who have continued with lessons remotely under lockdown.”

“Each pupil recorded their part in the song, which they sent back to me. I was then able to edit this music and put the accompanying images and videos together. I also enlisted the help of my daughter for the main vocals! I’m so proud of the finished piece, it really reflects the hard work, commitment and sheer talent of all the pupils involved.”

Keeping up with their music during lockdown has helped our pupils to focus and to maintain some aspects of normality, with the resulting song being a great showcase for those involved.

Our young musicians hope that you can sit back, rest your bones and enjoy watching their performance during this challenging time for us all.

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