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Happy hacking

5 June 2020

A Year 9 pupil is to test his hacking and digital security skills in a top-rated Government-run competition.

Westminster City School pupil, Isaiah, has been chosen from over 35,000 participants to participate in the UK Government’s CyberStart Elite programme. This event will see him meet industry leaders and technical specialists, as well as explore unique hands-on activities investigating real-world computer vulnerabilities.

Isaiah was selected after successfully taking part in CyberDiscovery, an online detective game for those aged 13-18. Players must use their hacking skills to defeat online criminals and foil cyber-spies, as they then progress through the competition. The game is designed so that, as young people pass through each challenge, they learn real-world technical skills and knowledge, which are in high demand around the world today.

Mr Myron, from our Computer Science Department, explains “Computers are central to almost every aspect of life in the twenty-first century. It is vital that we equip our young people with the skills they need to succeed in the world around us. At Westminster City School, we aim to do just that, with our curriculum now extending from Key Stage 3 through to our challenging A Level Computer Science.”

A keen member of our School’s Cybernauts Coding Club, Isaiah said: “When the CyberDiscovery competition started, it was quite easy but it then quickly progressed into a very hard competition! I'm looking forward to the next stage, with the final over two weeks this summer, and the in-person camp (COVID-19 permitting) in October."

CyberDiscovery is one of several enjoyable extra-curricular opportunities that enable our Westminster City School pupils to further explore the relevance of what they learn in computer science. The competition has already opened for next year’s entrants to sign-up. Any pupils or students interested in participating should contact Mr Myron.

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