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20 May 2020

Alongside remote lessons, many of our School’s extra-curricular clubs have been continuing remotely at this time, like our Cybernauts Coding Club!

Made up of Year 7 and 9 pupils, our Cybernauts Coding Club have been meeting online each week during lockdown. Computer Science teacher, Mr Myron, leads this after-school club. He explains: “Regular activities have included creating a program using random numbers to play the game rock-paper-scissors and race virtual turtles across the screen. One of our members wrote code for a competition to have his program run on the International Space Station. 

“At the moment, we are experimenting with how to make instructions repeat themselves, such as to draw pictures of squares and spirals.”

Mr Myron added: “There’s usually a project I have in mind for club members but, as I’m keen for them to work together and follow up on their own questions, our project can sometimes get paused as we pursue a particular tangent!”

Yet, under lockdown, members have continued to work on their different projects and challenges, so current Year 9 pupil, Isaiah, has been using the time to work on cyber security problems. He got involved in the Cyber Discovery competition at the start of the year and is doing well with the team he formed. 

By meeting online, our Cybernauts Coding Club enables pupils to interact with their friends in a socially responsible way during lockdown. It also helps our pupils to maintain aspects of our usual school day, at what is a challenging time for us all.

In addition, our Cybernauts Coding Club has ambitions for the future! Members are considering joining Moonhack after half-term, which is an international online competition, run from Australia! Moonhack brings pupils, from across the world, together and encourages pupils to code their own planet-saving solution. Watch this (cyber) space…

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