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Hope for hobbies

18 May 2020

We’ve been asking pupils for their reflections on life under lockdown. Today we hear from a current Year 9 pupil.

With the UK under lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, all Westminster City School pupils, students and staff are staying home to protect themselves and others, using online platforms to keep up with their studies and to keep in contact. 

Cyril lives in Canary Wharf. He says:

“Business Studies and English have been my favourite remote learning lessons. This is because both teachers have utilised a number of ways to explain the work, which enabled me to complete everything as efficiently as possible. In addition, I also enjoyed my music lesson since it involved a practical aspect, where we had to mix and experiment with two different songs, to make them work with each other.

“What I miss most about being away from Westminster City School is learning and the teachers.

“Once lockdown is over, I am looking forward to doing my usual hobbies once again, such as my football training. I am also looking forward to going back to school and going back to church.”

At Westminster City School, we remain determined to continue to provide an excellent educational experience to our pupils and students, while ensuring their health and wellbeing, during this unprecedented time.

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