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Clap for keyworkers

7 May 2020

As the nation prepares to clap for the NHS, carers and all other keyworkers tonight, one Westminster City School pupil has also been singing the praises of a very special NHS worker.

Current Year 8 pupil, Riksen, posted a photograph of his mother on his Instagram account, showing her wearing her personal protective equipment while at work. She has been an operating theatre nurse at this busy London hospital for 15 years.

On social media, Riksen wrote: “Really proud to be the son of an NHSuperhero, saving lives since 1989! Love her so much, keeping positive and proud to be working for the NHS. Thank you and to all the NHS workers out there going to worm and helping our country fight WW3!!!! Thank you to all the keyworkers too, you’re doing a fantastic job! Stay at home!”

Riksen’s mother said: “My colleagues and I have been deployed helping the Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) fight this virus wearing our complete PPE. I can say my hospital has had good stocks of PPE but I have never seen anything like this in my life. This disease is very scary for me and all my fellow frontliners. It breaks my heart seeing the condition of all the patients suffering, and I salute all working in the hospitals non-stop. 

“We are very thankful and praise God for the people complying with the Government guidelines and staying at home where you’re safe. It helps keep the pressure off our nursing promise to never give up on the patient’s life.”

Thank you to our amazing key workers. We will clap loudly for you all tonight!

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