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30 April 2020

We’ve been asking pupils for their reflections on life under lockdown. Today we hear from a current Year 8 pupil. 

With the UK under lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, all Westminster City School pupils, students and staff are staying home to protect themselves and others, using online platforms to keep up with their studies and to keep in contact. Barney lives in Tottenham and says: 

“Even though it is my favourite subject (which makes it a little biased!) I enjoy my remote mathematics lessons, on Hegarty maths, because there is a video explaining what to do and how to do it, and they give a quiz directly about what was said. I also like my remote history lessons as the structure includes an A4 page worth of explanation, plus a video that questions are based around. We then do comprehension questions to show that we understood, followed by an extra video to help us with longer written work.

“What I miss most about being away from Westminster City School is being in class with a teacher in the room, who can immediately tell you what to do to improve and help with anything you don't understand. I also miss my friends,even though we chat online regularly.

“Once lockdown is over, I am looking forward to going on holiday, seeing my extended family, having more freedom to move around, and deciding where I want to go and who I want to see. I am also quite curious to see how I will have developed as, during the lockdown period, I have been more focused on creative activities, such as baking and gardening.”

At Westminster City School, we remain determined to continue to provide an excellent educational experience to our pupils and students, while ensuring their health and wellbeing, during this unprecedented time. 

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