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Comfortable chemistry

2 April 2020

Our sixth formers have been experimenting with remote learning, taking part in an interactive chemistry lesson from the comfort of their own home.

During this challenging time, our young people have been adapting to a new way of studying from home, using online platforms to interact with teachers and peers. For one group of sixth formers, this meant Ms Adebanjo, from our Science Department, using Microsoft Teams to share her A Level Chemistry lesson. 

Ms Adebanjo explains: “In our Year 12 lesson, we were examining equilibria, which are reversible reactions. I shared my PowerPoint with students, so we went through uses in industry and how scientists have to compromise the conditions they use to maximise the amount of product they make and reduce the cost. Then we looked at doing some calculations related to equilibrium.”

Despite Ms Adebanjo and her students all being in their own homes, the lesson remained interactive with Ms Adebanjo directly asking her students to answer questions. This allowed her to deal with misconceptions from any incorrect answers. In addition, students could also record her lesson, so they could refer back to it when completing work set after the class ended.

Year 12 student, Rachel, said: “Ms Adebanjo’s online class was helpful. When dealing with calculations, it’s best to do so face-to-face, rather than just learning it on your own. I enjoyed the lesson!”

Since the UK Government closed schools to curb the threat of COVID-19, our teachers and young people have been working hard to ensure minimum disruption to learning. Ms Adebanjo’s fascinating and interactive chemistry lesson is just another example of how Westminster City School continues to be united during this coronavirus crisis.

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