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Mobile mentoring

2 April 2020

Westminster City School sixth formers have been receiving mentoring and guidance remotely since lockdown began, to ensure they still meet their goals and ambitions during this challenging time.

Throughout their two years in our Sixth Form, students are given individual support and guidance about their A Level subjects and future plans, including advice on further study and careers. Although our sixth formers are now working from home, this support and guidance has continued remotely, with staff using online platforms to reach out to students.

Mr Caprioli, our Sixth Form Student Support Officer, explains: “I have been primarily contacting our students through Zoom, having sent them individual meeting times via Microsoft Outlook. I have found this useful as students can save our meeting time in their calendar, so they don’t forget!

“I’m very impressed with how well our sixth formers have adapted to working from home and I have found them all to be very engaged and enthusiastic when we undertake the remote mentoring.”

Below are some top tips from Mr Caprioli on successful studying while away from school or sixth form:

  • Schedule online classes and any meetings with teachers/support staff in your calendar and set notifications to remind you!
  • Create your daily To Do list and put your tasks in order of priority
  • If you find it hard to keep track of work in Show My Homework, then write down the tasks that have been set, along with their set and due dates, so you can tick things off
  • Remember that Westminster City School staff are here to support you, so if you get stuck then please email your teacher for help using their School email address
  • Divide work up with short breaks so that you maintain your focus, you may find that using timers for this will help
  • Try to do some exercise everyday so you keep your mind, and your body, active!
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