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A pinch of salt

26 March 2020

Salt can be seriously cool, as some of our youngest pupils discovered when visiting the 600-year old Salters’ Company in London.

On one of our last trips before COVID-19 restrictions came into place, our pupils learnt how salt was mined and used for trade in the UK, and took a tour of the historic building, Salters’ Hall. They then got to take part in an interactive workshop and make their own ice cream. However, this ice cream was not created using the ingredients and methods that one might expect… Instead, our young scientists used milk, sugar, vanilla and a mixture of ice and salt, then made their ice cream without a fridge or freezer!

Miles, from 7H, said: “I had an amazing experience. It was fun to make ice cream without a fridge or freezer because I learnt new things, like how you make something colder by just using salt!”

Montasir, also from 7H, added: “We learnt about the different powers of salt and what it can help you make. When we made our own ice cream, it was up to us to decide how many ice cubes and how much salt to put in. It tasted delicious!”

Pupils on this enlightening visit were selected for their great enthusiasm in science lessons. Many are also members of our popular after-school KS3 Science Club.

The Salters’ Company was first licensed in 1394 and has its origins in the salt trade of medieval London. One of London’s Great 12 Livery Companies, it is now a diverse organisation that aims to promote chemistry and related sciences, and to encourage careers in the teaching of chemistry and in the UK chemical and allied industries.

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