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Year 8 options

19 March 2020

Year 8 pupils are receiving guidance from class teachers and form tutors on their study options at Key Stage 4.

While our Year 8 options booklet contains further details about available courses and the Year 8 options timeline, pupils should have completed and returned their Initial Choice Option Form online before Friday 27 March. (If you missed that deadline, please submit your form urgently).

Please note that, when completing our Initial Choice Option Form, pupils must use their Westminster City School log-in details, when prompted.

Our pupils need to make an informed choice about the next stage of their education, so should read the booklet well and discuss their thoughts with parents/carers and teachers.

While our broad and balanced curriculum for Years 9, 10 and 11 includes a number of compulsory subjects, like English, mathematics and science, we also have options ranging from GCSE Design and Technology or GCSE Music, plus BTEC Enterprise and BTEC Sport.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to enable pupils to gain the knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to enjoy further study or a particular job in the future.

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