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Reap the rewards

12 February 2020

Pupils with high numbers of positive points have been trading these for USB pens, educational vouchers and other items from our School’s rewards catalogue.

At Westminster City School, pupils are rewarded for their hard work, excellent behaviour and conduct on a daily basis. Positive points are awarded to those adhering to the five classroom rules and parents/carers are sent a Westminster City School payslip that details the number of positive, negative and net points a pupil achieved within a specific date period. Pupils can exchange their net point value for a range of products from within our rewards catalogue. Rewards include four-colour pens, USB pens, educational vouchers, maths sets and scientific calculators.

Year 7 pupils, Elyon and Sean, have each achieved over 500 positive points since joining Westminster City School in September. Both pupils have now traded their positive points for a USB pen. Elyon, who has 508 positive points, said: “I’ll use my new USB pen to save work that I undertake in class, so I can then continue to work on this later, at home.”

Our School’s Rewards Co-ordinator, Mr Phillips, added: “Our School’s positive points reward system forms part of our positive culture and our behaviour policy, encouraging our pupils to demonstrate a commitment to learning, an overall positive attitude and a continuing drive for academic excellence.”

Congratulations to Elyon, Sean and all our other high achieving positive points pupils. Any of our pupils wishing to trade in their own net points should speak to Mr Phillips.

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