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Sustainable solutions

28 January 2020

GCSE Geography pupils are participating in a national competition to resolve the world’s energy problems and build a more sustainable future for all.

Our Year 9 pupils have been designing environmentally-friendly solutions for some of the biggest issues currently facing our planet, as part of the Bright Ideas Challenge. Run by Shell, this competition sees pupils in Years 7 to 9, from schools across the UK, work in small teams to come up with creative and innovative answers to the energy crisis. The Bright Ideas Challenge is designed to spark young people’s curiosity in science and engineering, whilst helping schools deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging manner.

Geography teacher, Ms Baulcomb, accompanied our 17 pupils. She explains: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to work collaboratively with corporate volunteers from Shell, who supported them throughout the day. Our pupils worked through each stage of the design process, from completing detailed scientific and geographical research (using their mathematical skills to calculate the feasibility of their design), to submitting a written report outlining their final idea for the competition.

“Our pupils found the day aspirational and inspirational, with many commenting on how valuable it was to meet, and work with, adults in careers related to geography. They also enjoyed the opportunity to see how topics they are learning in the classroom, as part of their GCSE Geography, are relevant to the real world!”

Yet it was not just our pupils who were impressed by their day at the Teach First head office in North Greenwich! One Shell volunteer was so happy with the Westminster City School pupils that she wrote personalised feedback for each pupil, highlighting their strengths and skills. She described the group as: “A great team who had lots of energy and ideas throughout the whole exercise.”

Ms Baulcomb added: “Our pupils were fantastic ambassadors for our School, and it was wonderful to see them develop their problem-solving skills, teamwork, creativity and leadership in this new environment.”

The winning entry will be announced by Shell at the end of April.

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