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Urban understanding

21 January 2020

Little did the people of Stratford know, when their area of east London underwent major urban regeneration for the 2012 Olympic Games, that it would become the ideal location for GCSE Geography fieldwork!

Our Year 11 pupils have been examining the urban regeneration of Stratford, looking at why redevelopment was needed and what this part of inner London looked like, both before and after regeneration. They then undertook a field trip to Stratford, which was an opportunity for all to see the changes themselves, as well as answer the question: Has the regeneration of Stratford had a positive impact?

As research gathered on this field trip formed part of their GCSE assessment, our pupils undertook both qualitative and quantitative data collection in Stratford. Activities included an environmental quality survey (recording factors like litter, air pollution, and amount of green space), the counting of pedestrians, a land use survey (assessing the occupation of different buildings), vox pop or voice of the population surveys (asking local people to describe the local area), and making field sketches.

By exploring regeneration in Stratford, our GCSE Geography pupils saw firsthand how urban change in cities can lead to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges and opportunities.

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