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Arty types

20 January 2020

Year 8 pupils have been proving that you can make art out of absolutely anything!

During their recent topic on typography, our Year 8 class were asked by their teacher, Ms Harvey, to turn one of their initials into a 3D work of art. However, this work was made more challenging since their letter could only be created from found materials, such as newspapers, bottles and, even, plastic bags!

Year 8 pupil, Jabir, said: “When Ms Harvey first explained the task to us, it seemed impossible! We really had to use our brains and our imagination, collecting different materials and deciding how we would then join everything together to make our letter.”

And the challenge didn’t end once pupils had created their letter, as Ms Harvey explains: “I had also asked my class to set up their designs as an installation, suspended from the ceiling of our art room. This required our pupils to work together as a group and lose ownership of their individual piece.”

Jabir added: “Hanging our letters from the ceiling added two further challenges to our work. Firstly, it meant that people would be able to view our letters from different angles, so they could look like a different letter altogether! Secondly, we had to carefully consider how we would hang our letters and the materials that would be involved in this.”

Our pupils all enjoyed their art project immensely, while their work currently remains on display, for others to enjoy, in our art room.

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