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Incredible internationals

17 January 2020

Year 7 and 8 pupils have shown their political prowess at our School’s new Model United Nations Club.

After-school, over a dozen pupils held a debate on one of the most important issues of our time - climate change. Each pupil was assigned a country and they had to research information to write a one-minute speech about where that country stands on climate change. After this, there was a heated debate in which representatives asked each other questions, to have more information about their given country’s opinion on the subject.

Westminster City School teacher, Ms Milner, was chair. She explained: “By assuming the role of national ambassadors that debate and seek to solve global issues, our pupils had to undertake appropriate research, as well as build their skills in public speaking and creating a persuasive argument. In addition, as some were arguing a case that is at odds with their own belief, they had to think about alternative perspectives and put aside their personal views in order to remain objective. This is a powerful skill for a public speaker to master.”

Every year, over 400,000 people from schools, universities and beyond take part in Model United Nations, gaining a unique insight into how the UN works through role play. As well as being great fun, Model United Nations builds skills in research, public speaking, teamwork and negotiation.

Westminster City School’s Model United Nations Society plans to meet each Tuesday, after-school, in P116. All are welcome to attend. For further information, please speak to Ms Milner or Mr de Silva.

This story was written by Year 8 pupils, Joel and Barney.
At this week’s Model United Nations Club, Joel represented the Maldives and Barney represented Australia.


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