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Supporting study skills

15 January 2020

Reading with your child is just one of the ways that parents/carers can support and encourage their learning.

As pupils move through their school years, undertaking exams and making important decisions about their future, the support of those around them remains crucial. Parents/carers play a vital role in supporting learning, while our School is able to provide guidance on what forms such support should take.

Ms Mole, Assistant Headteacher, explains: “Here at Westminster City School, our strong pastoral support means every member of staff accepts responsibility for the academic and personal excellence of pupils. Parents/carers are the most important people who can embed good learning habits with their children. We remain grateful for the continued support of an amazing community of parents/carers, and wish to provide further guidance on how they can support their child’s learning.”

A key suggestion is that parents/carers of our Years 7 and 8 pupils read with their child, helping to build the four skills which expert readers use to develop their understanding of a text:

  • Prediction
  • Questioning
  • Clarifying
  • Summarising

Alongside this reading, there are a number of key questions that parents/carers should be asking their child. These help to:

  • Ensure comprehension (What do you think is happening here? What do we know about…?)
  • Develop inference and deduction (What does this suggest about…? What does the dialogue imply about…?)
  • Develop empathy and character motivation (How did … feel? Why did … think/feel?)

Ms Mole added: “While this guidance is aimed more at the parents/carers of our younger pupils, all parents/carers should ensure their child undertakes their homework in a quiet environment and to a high standard. And all parents/carers should encourage their child to watch/read the news and discuss how language is being used to influence the audience’s perspective of key events.”

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