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Year 10 options

At Westminster City School, we believe in a curriculum that enriches and empowers, giving our young people a range of academic opportunities to explore that prepare them for life beyond the walls of the classroom.

In Year 8, pupils selected four options, with the result that they would achieve a total of either ten GCSE/BTec qualifications (or eleven, if they study separate science). This is a greater number than many other schools offer. Our School reviewed this in 2020 and our current Year 9 picked three options.

Due to the interruptions to face-to-face teaching this past year, as a result of COVID-19, we have been considering ways to support Year 10 in completing and securing the best possible outcomes in their GCSE or BTec courses. We are particularly keen to give our young people the time to prepare and achieve highly in their public exams in summer 2022.

We are therefore recommending that our Year 10 cohort reduce the number of options they take by one. This will allow all to focus on the core subjects of English Literature and English Language, Maths, Religious Studies and Science, and maximise their performance in the remaining three options. 

We ask that you complete the form below, indicating the options that you would like to continue with in Year 11. 

Our Options Booklet (at the end of this webpage) contains further details about available courses and the onward progression routes that each subject offers. All our young people need to make an informed choice about the next stage of their education, so you should read the booklet well and discuss your thoughts with parents/carers. We will also provide an opportunity for you to have a one-to-one conversation with either your tutors or senior staff.

Year 10 must complete and return their Initial Preference Form by Friday 14 May.
When completing your form, you must:

  • Select the one subject you would prefer not to continue into Year 11
  • Provide - where possible - a reason for this preference
  • Make specific circumstances or considerations known in the appropriate section

If you have any questions, please email Mrs Harper or Mr Philips.


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Options Booklet 29th Apr 2021 Download

Year 10 - Initial Preference Form

Year 10 - Initial Preference Form
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