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27 January 2020

Westminster City School students have visited one of the world’s top universities, taking part in an inspiring programme offering a firsthand experience of university learning.

Launched at the University of Cambridge, the Scholars Programme is run by The Brilliant Club, an organisation that encourages state school pupils to consider the UK’s most selective institutions. Over the next few months, PhD researchers will offer university-style tutorials to a select group of our Year 12 students. At the end of the programme, our sixth formers will complete a final assignment focused on the question: ‘Can we predict dementia?’

Attending the launch at Cambridge’s Pembroke College, Westminster City School student, Vishnupriya, said: “We were introduced to our tutor and had our first tutorial, which was really interesting. After lunch we went on a tour with a current undergraduate, then we had a session about writing good essays”, while Bilal added: “I learnt more about how to write a personal statement, and a clearer idea of what must be done in order to get into medicine.”

The tour of Pembroke College was also much appreciated by Westminster City School sixth former, William, who said: “The second-year student gave a wonderful tour of the college. The architecture is phenomenal, while the design and detail on each building, inside and outside, was very impressive.”

Our participating Year 12 students were identified by School staff as having the potential to make a successful application to the UK’s most selective universities. By taking part in the Scholars Programme, they will further develop their skills, knowledge and confidence, which should help them in making an informed decision about future study options.

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