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WCS cadets now

A cadet detachment was re-formed at the school in 2007 and we are called 234 Detachment KRRC (King’s Royal Rifle Corps). We are part of NW London sector ACF. The KRRC is a direct descendant of the QWR and cadets are allowed to continue to wear the KRRC cap badge (even though the regiment is disbanded) as some KRRC cadets won a battle honour during the South Africa war in 1901 and are the only cadets ever to do so. Only 3 other cadet detachments have this honour as well as being able to call our cadets Riflemen instead of ‘cadets’

The school cadet unit is currently commanded by Lt. J Wilson (also deputy headteacher) who is ably assisted by Sgt. Lionel Bush (also a learning support assistant)

We parade every Wednesday at 5pm to 7pm. The cadets is usually open to students in the spring term of year 9 and Lt. Wilson will inform boys of when recruitment begins.